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  RACING IN THE STREETS BLOG No. 7 @ The Windmill Pub, Southport Sunday 9th June Not far from the train station and just off the promenade, you’ll find the Windmill pub in Southport and it always seems to fit nicely with a very relaxed Sunday vibe. Before this Redundant Butties book tour, I’d been a few times on my own and with friends and always find it respectful and really chilled. Unlike The Everyman at the last gig, The Windmill isn’t set out with a stage-like performance space but in no way is this a criticism. It’s a plus because not everybody wants the same thing, variety is the spice of life and I’d say for a newbie to poetry, venues like this are ideal and brill for feeling welcome and safe to test material and dip a toe in to see if you like it. Even as somebody who’s performed poetry for a long time, I find it easier here and at home in Wigan to try new material, as opposed to slighter bigger spaces where lots of new faces might be a bit daunting, staring back at yo

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